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Katrina Mural 0 Unverified

Aug 29, 2011

"As the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina draws near, a special mural is being created in the Central Business District that will honor the nearly...


The Cone of Uncertainty: New Orleans after Katrina 0 Verified

Aug 27, 2011

"Torres-Tama has revived his signature piece, 'The Cone of Uncertainty: New Orleans after Katrina,' bringing it to the intimate Shadowbox Theatre on St....


Mosaic Art - Rose Marie Sand 0 Verified

Aug 01, 2011

"Having a distinct understanding of love and loss, like so many in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, her work is about putting together rather than tearing...


Hurricane Salvaged Art 0 Verified

May 22, 2011

A local artist's stand in the French Market. Many pieces use slate, wood, and nails from old houses - many of which were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

French Market

Brocato Ice Cream Watermark 4 Verified

May 20, 2011

A small watermark placard on the door of Angelo Brocato Ice Cream and Confectionery.

Angelo Brocato Ice Cream and Confectionery



Bye Bye Katrina Sushi Roll 1 Verified

May 20, 2011

While staying at the St. Charles Guest House (a great stay, btw) and researching Katrina commemorations, I frequented Sushi Brothers on St. Charles Avenue....

Lower Garden District

FEMA Dog House 1 Verified

May 19, 2011

FEMA "in" the dog house.

Lower Ninth Ward

Pigment Tattooing 1 Unverified

May 18, 2011

Tattoos in remembrance of Hurricane Katrina. Pigment Tattooing

3328 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA

Six Flags NOLA Rising Graffiti 0 Unverified

Mar 13, 2011

Via the blog post provided in the news links below.

six flags and new orleans

"Still Standing" by Shannon Landis Hansen 0 Unverified

Dec 01, 2010

Art featured by The Arts Council of New Orleans. Hansen has utilized broken objects to memorialize New Orleans after hurricanes, corrupt politicians,...

2275 Bayou Road, New Orleans, LA 70119

"Displaced" by Franco Alessandrini 2 Unverified

Oct 24, 2009

Artist's Statement: "The wind starts to blow and the rain beats down on her deck. The waves begin to rock her gently at first then become huge swells...

813 Howard Ave New Orleans, LA 70113

"Scrap House" by Sally Heller 2 Verified

Aug 25, 2009

Art work from old shotgun house debris. The artist, Sally Heller, provides a memorial to nature's unpredictable power. Artist Website

Convention Center Blvd

Previously on Piety - Exhibition (Contemporary Arts Center) 2 Verified

Apr 17, 2009

Large scale art commemorating Katrina from the following artists: Gerard Caliste (Walking on Water) Rondell Crier (On the Streets) Jan Gilbert (Biography...

900 Camp Street

"Flood Marker" by Christopher Saucedo 0 Verified

Jan 17, 2009

Image of artwork from artist's website Artist Website

Franklin Ave. at Mithra Street, New Orleans, LA

Film - Trouble the Water 1 Verified

Dec 05, 2008

Film by Carl Deal and Tia Lessin

Lower Ninth Ward

"All Aboard" by Lou Blackwell 0 Verified

Oct 25, 2008

“All Aboard combines a documentary photograph of New Orleanians boarding a school bus to escape Katrina’s rising waters with Michelangelo’s frescoe of...

423 Carondelet St. New Orleans, LA 70112

The Agony and the Ecstacy 1 Unverified

Jun 11, 2008

"Ayo Y. Scott and Augustus Jenkins, Jr.’s streetcar is sponsored by and on display inside Stella Jones Gallery located in Place St. Charles, 201 St. Charles...

St. Charles Ave

Dennis Procopio's Streetcar Art Memorial 0 Verified

May 09, 2008

Part of the Streetcar Art Project.

Central Business District

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