"Displaced" by Franco Alessandrini

13:04 Oct 24 2009 813 Howard Ave New Orleans, LA 70113 Oct 24 2009

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"The wind starts to blow and the rain beats down on her deck. The waves begin to rock her gently at first then become huge swells likened to those you see on the High Seas. She is pitched violently into the dock time and time again. She is beaten. Desperate. She panics to free herself, to save herself, as a horse would that is tied in its stall as the water rises.

Her mooring lines snap and she is set free. Set free to sail but faces more peril ahead.

The water recedes and she finds herself in a place she never dreamed of being.

Under her there is no water where she once glided with the wind. Now she is still. Trapped in this foreign land.

I liken this boat to my soul. The soul that I lost in the storm. My soul that I hope to reunite with on day.

I liken this boat to the thousands of people who were beaten by the winds, rain and levee breaks.


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Mike W (Aug 13 2011)
The date is based on the date the video was submitted to YouTube. Any information about the actual install date or dedication would be appreciated.
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